Companies who helped me out

It’s nice to be able to list the commercial organisations who agreed to sponsor me on the 2015

event. I really appreciate their help and support.

I hope that by listing their names, and where possible adding a link to their website, I can help promote their name to the outside world as thanks for their support. They are listed in the order in which they first donated funds to the event:

dddThanks to Workplace Law for being the first (& the most generous!)

Cost Management Consultants

aaTotal Communications Solutions

Exhibition & Display Solutions

All aspects of mailing and fulfilment

aa Integrated Security Systems

zzProperty Management specialists

Commercial Property Letting & Management

nnnnnnnCompetitively priced office supplies

aaaSecurity & Guarding Services

Commercial Cleaning Specialists

Online flight booking & holiday bargainĀ 

The premier hotel at London Heathrow airport

Can you afford NOT to be listed here?

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2016 event then please contact me on the following email and I will provide you with all relevant contact details for the SPRI.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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