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Hello, and welcome. My name is Phil Jeffs , and this site is intended to record a crazy charity endurance event I have just completed. I’m just one of a dozen daft souls who felt they could raise some much needed cash for a great cause.

With this website I hope to highlight the need for continued work into polar research, and hopefully to give you a few laughs along the way, while we try to raise contributions for the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge (a registered charity).

So, were we doing? Well, as the name suggests perhaps, it involved a simple task of running a team of huskies pulling a dog sled for 150km in remote wilderness 250 miles north (inside) of the Norwegian arctic circle, in March 2006. Oh, and surviving temperatures of -30 degrees at night, having to drill frozen lakes for drinking water, and with no flushing toilets, showers, shops, TV, or other comforts whatsoever. And trying to avoid deep crevices, snowstorms, frostbite, and all manner of large wildlife were are trying not to think about! We did this crazy venture to raise funds for the research institute to enable it to continue its good work in such areas as polar research which affects us all.

Had I ever done anything like this before?- No! Did that matter – well you will soon find out! Most people who know me decided before I went that I was borderline certifiable and should probably be locked up for my own good…. Ha, what did they know? Quite a lot with hindsight! The exception is the person who got me into this, but more of that on the next page.

This site is intended to highlight the event to raise ongoing awareness for the charity’s excellent work, and to encourage you to part with a few bob to sponsor the 2007 event or even to take part? I’ve added the best of the post-event pictures on the gallery page.

Sit back, browse the site, and enjoy what I hope is a very personal journal of a journey of a lifetime, but please remember the sole aim of the trip was to raise awareness of the essential work being carried out by the SPRI, and their need for funding via charitable donations. Share in the pain, laugh at the conditions we endured, and admire the huskies. Should you be inspired to want to help the chosen charity as a result (which is the whole aim of course), but you don’t fancy being a crazy musher, then please pay a visit to the sponsorship page and make a donation. Even small amounts are a great help to their work. If you want to get involved in the 2007 event (are you mad??) then read on ….

If you want to help the charity from this site, then every page has a donation button on the LHS where you can send something online, or you can send a donation by cheque (made out to the ‘Crazy Musher’) to:

Philip Jeffs
Oswald House
284 Southtown Road
Great Yarmouth
Norfolk NR31 0JB

All donations (via online or by cheque) are held in a charity bank account, under the name of the Crazy Musher, with Lloyds TSB in Lowestoft. I can’t put the bank details on here now for obvious security reasons, but please be assured all donations raised do not go anywhere near my personal bank account, and are held securely by Lloyds TSB for the charity. The SPRI receive 100% of all donations.

Thanks for your support. Remember, you are helping future generations by your donation.

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