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If you are a commercial company whose marketing department could have a field day with some great photo’s of a team musher wearing your corporate logo, on a dog sled in the deep snow, in fantastic scenery, why not consider sponsoring the 2007 team or one of the mushers? Here’s a few examples from the 2006 event:

We intend to publicise those companies who sponsor the 2007 team on this site, and promote them via the photographs and write-up when the team returns. As you can offset charitable donations from tax this is effectively free publicity so why not get involved? You have to admit its a bit different from the average charity event?
Remember, all donations will be in the name of the Scott Polar Research Institute, and your donation is tax efficient as its to a registered charity so adding to the value of the contribution via the tax man.

A list of my own 2006 commercial sponsors is on the ‘Supporting Companies’ page until the 2007 event begins to take over this site. I’m very grateful for their support, and I know they got a huge amount from it in terms of publicity but also a pride in what we acheived and their support for that cause.

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2007 team then please contact me on the following email and I will provide you with all the relevant contact details for the SPRI and how you could get involved. If you simply feel you could help by making a donation please click on the donation button on the LHS of this page, or send a cheque as described on the sponsorship page.

Please help us – to help the S.P.R.I – to help the planet? Go on, let the world know that your company cares about the generations following us who will be helped by the charity’s work.

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