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Guess what, out of all the applications the Institute received for the 2006 trip they selected me as one of their team. Did they know what they were doing? They must have been crazier than I am. However, as I was just one of a dozen in the UK team there must be eleven other people as barmy as me? (As they proved to be!!) Still we were now committed to raising a substantial amount of money in sponsorship for the Scott Polar Research Institute (the SPRI from now on).

As SPRI paid for all the flights, equipment hire, guides, food etc then each participant had to pledge to achieve a minimum donation of three and a half thousand pounds sterling. No pressure then! However that figure guaranteed at least £1000 to the charity, and of course we all hoped to raise more than that minimum amount (which we did). That needed publicity (as I personally didn’t know 3500 people with a quid each), and one way to achieve that was by using the Internet. It also allowed for easy updating of progress for my sponsors and supporters. But what sort of site to build?

It needed to be enjoyable and representative of my overall approach to such an event – serious on the fund raising part, and pretty laid back on everything else. It needed a domain name for the website, something catchy, something that could be passed on by word of mouth and email, something that epitomised (wow, great word) my intrepid outlook on life. In short something that held a clue to the event these crazy people were undertaking – simple when you think about it? Crazy Musher! (A musher is someone who drives a dog sled, oh never mind forget it, its not funny if you have to explain it).

One thing this site intended to do is to give as much publicity and profile to the SPRI as we could, and in whose name we were undertaking this mad event. They do fantastic work in trying to safeguard future generations from the effects of modern man’s pollution of the planet and continue to need your help (a blatant plug for donations!!).

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