Welcome to the Crazy Musher website this Wednesday night.

This site carries a health warning – it is not suitable for sane people!

Have you ever decided to do something that most people would regard as completely bonkers? Were you regarded as barking mad, off your trolley, to put it mildly a few cents short of the full dollar?

Maybe it would be different if you were one of a dozen equally mad UK-citizens with a love of the outdoors? If it was for charity, and to aid research into some of the serious problems associated with global warming then perhaps it would even be acceptable?

If you are a closet tree-hugger with a love of the outdoors, and a soft spot for these guys on the left then read on. Not only will you enjoy what is to follow, but you may also decide to help in the 2007 quest. I hope that is the case.

Read the introduction next to find out what we did, and what the charity is planning to do in 2007….. I have updated all pages on the site, including the trip page to describe each day from my diary I kept out there, and I hope you enjoy reading it. As soon as I can I will ensure that all the smaller images can be clicked for the bigger picture, so please bear with me while I get that done.

Click here for the next page if you missed the subtle link above..!

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