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Preparing for the 2007 Challenge

As I said on the previous page the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge has decided to do the challenge again in 2007, only this time in February!

In order to assist the polar explorers going on the event I have tried here to set out a recommended training schedule, along with a suggested kit list. All but one of the 2006 team took too much kit. Most of it was left at Gargia base camp and did not go on the sleds. This was not only a waste of effort and space to carry it to Norway, but also a waste of money to buy it in the first case. Hopefully our collective experiences will help the 2007 team to avoid the same mistakes. Also there were a few items we were not told to take which we wish we had.

Most of us also wished we had trained harder for the event, and some wished they had done some training...! This is especially important so that the whole team can move at the same pace, as there is nothing more frustrating that a continual stop-start momentum as you go from hill to flat ground, and back to hills again (as your 2007 team members will tell you if you are the ones holding them up).

In true Blue Peter fashion I have prepared the next couple of pages for I hope helpful and constructive advice...

Training - the art of making it look easy while your team member's muscles are on fire.

Kit List - the definitive 'what to take and what not to take' (oh I wish someone had done this for us...)

I wish you luck in your endevours. I can't wait to get back into training for 2008 (if my wife is reading this ignore that last little bit as I've an idea I've yet to discuss with you ...!).


Latest News: The first of the Musher sites for 2007 are up and running - see Scott Wylie's 'Scott of the Arctic' site. Also worth a look is John Pratten's site - 'Brass Monkeys'. I'll post up any new ones as they are notified to me....