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Here's one of my 2006 article's ....

By now you must have read a number of pages of the site and have decided that, as you are awash with spare cash, you want to throw some in the direction of the SPRI charity? OK, enough of the begging, how about just a few bob then? Want a broken leg cNo, I promised the charity I wouldn't do that - how else can I persuade you?

Think of this - do you smoke? Would just a couple less cigarettes a day or week really hurt that much? (If yes, seek medical help!). Why not give the money to a much better cause than dying early?

Do you drink? Would just one less drink on a Friday night be so much of a hardship? How much does that come to in a month, or a year? Just think how good you would feel about yourself if you gave that? Your liver would thank you as much as we would.

What else do you do with your money? Could you syphon off a few pounds to help an organisation that is carrying out research to help the future of the planet? Oh hell, just think of those huskies - pledge some money and we'll share some great photo's with you when the 2007 team returns.

On the left hand side of every page I have set up an online SPRI dog sled charity donation page on PayPal where you can make a donation using your own PayPal account, or where you can make a donation with a credit/debit card.

If you prefer you can send a cheque (made out to 'Crazy Musher'). Please post to:

Philip Jeffs
Oswald House
284 Southtown Road
Great Yarmouth
Norfolk NR31 0JB

If you want to send your cheque to the SPRI directly, please print out this sheet, and send with your cheque to the address recorded on the bottom of it.

So many ways to help the cause.....

Thanks for your support. It means a lot, not only to the 2007 musher, but also to the charity in whose name they are doing this.


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